The Uline options: University of St. Thomas

We’ve already talked about the University of St. Thomas as part of our look at Neartown. But I figure that, like the University of Houston and Texas Southern University, it deserves its own look.

In the big picture, UST is in good shape. All three options for the west end of the University Line stop at Richmond and Montrose, a block from campus. But a station isn’t a dot; it’s two 200 foot long platforms. And exactly where those platforms are makes a difference.

For example, one of the platforms on the Richmond-Montrose-59-Kirby-Westpark option:


is further from the university than the corresponding platform on the Richmond-Cummins-Westpark and Richmond-Greenway-Westpark options:


so students would have a shorter walk in one direction with those options.

But station locations can still slide. And the neighborhoods along Richmond east of Montrose, where the street is narrower, have requested that both Montrose station platforms be located west of Montrose. That would serve the university considerably better:


The scorecard for UST:

  • Richmond-Montrose-59-Kirby-Westpark (“Culberson”): Each of the two station platforms is about a two block walk from the edge of campus.
  • Richmond-Greenway-Westpark: One station platform is two blocks from campus; another is one block. But campus could be served better if the station is moved west of Montrose.
  • Richmond-Cummins-Westpark: ditto.

Below, a bonus: an option that’s been off the table for 80 years. And you can discuss in our forums.

Houston had a streetcar system until 1927. And two of those lines served the University of St Thomas area — though the university wasn’t founded until 20 years later.

Ust 1927

Both lines ran up to Fairview, then to Midtown and into Downtown: a one seat ride. As I’ve said before, Neartown is transit-oriented development.

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