The ever-shifting map

Metro2012Diagram 7-11 Lp Thsm-1

Here’s an updated version of CTC’s 2012 METRO map, updated with the latest information from METRO. In particular:

  • Station locations in Uptown have been change to match a more recent METRO map (alas, I have only a paper copy and can’t find it online).
  • The Middleton station on the East End Line is gone again. It had appeared on Urban Corridor Planning maps, but newer METRO maps aren’t showing it.
  • The transfer between the University and Southeast Lines is at a new UH Cougarwalk station, located on Scott just north of Alabama. The Scott/Elgin station is gone, but the Scott/Cleburne station (which serves TSU) remains.

For more detail, here’s the map as PDF in two versions: the whole system (680k pdf) and the urban core (172k pdf).

I’ll continue to update the map as METRO makes changes and releases more information. Some areas where we might see some changes include:

  • METRO is studying the Main Street / East End / Southeast downtown transfer. I’ll post more on this soon.
  • Several neighborhoods along the University Line are pushing for modified station locations.
  • Now that the University Line and the Uptown Line are both light rail, through-running is a no-brainer. One option that METRO is considering is having trains from the Uptown Line run onto the University Line in both directions (185 k pdf):

Metro2012Diagram 7-11 Lp Thsm

New: buy a large (20″x35″) poster of the map for your wall at the CTC store. Or, of course, feel free to use the pdf to print your own.

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