Downtown Soccer Small,Jpg

The Chronicle reports on plans for an new soccer stadium just east of Downtown.

A soccer field is 300 feet long. That’s bigger than a Downtown block. Add stands, and you have a 3-block-long structure. Unless you elevate the stadium — and that’s an expensive proposition — you have to close streets to fit it. The streets that would be closed by the proposed site are Capitol and Rusk, two important routes in and out of Downtown to the east. They’re all the more important because sports venues and the convention center have already blocked 7 streets in a 13 block stretch. And Capitol and Rusk also happen to be two of the streets that METRO is considering putting the Harrisburg and Southeast lines on. Would all those trains and all that traffic be compressed onto Texas, taking 12 traffic lanes to 4 or even 2? Or will the Dynamo pay a lot extra to raise the stadium over the streets?

So this plan isn’t just a plan for a soccer stadium; it’s also a plan for a moat.

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