The lawn wait is over

Just when you though the parking on lawns ordinance was dead, it reappears:

Nettled by neighbors who clutter up their front yards with parked vehicles? You could work to outlaw this practice in your Houston neighborhood if the City Council approves a yard-parking ordinance on Wednesday’s agenda.

The proposed law would allow civic associations to apply for the prohibition, or for 60 percent of residents to apply by petition. City officials developed this “opt-in” process after efforts to enact a citywide ban failed in 2007.

The full text of the ordinance is here (pdf), pages 106-115.

That solves one of the big problems of the original ordinance: it’s impossible to write an ordinance that actually works for every kind of neighborhood. A neighborhood like the Heights, where many driveways are grass, won’t opt in and won’t be affected. This new version also allows for the use of permeable paving. But it does not address the other problem: ultimately, this is an incentive to pave more. If your neighborhood opts in, you won’t be able to park on your front lawn. But, unless there’s a specific deed restriction in place against it, you’ll be able to pave your front lawn and the park there.

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