I’m an insider now

April Fool’s Day posts are a running tradition on Intermodality. But, when I started this blog in 2005, this April 1 news would have seemed the most unlikely of the bunch:

1. REQUEST from Mayor for confirmation of the appointment of the following individuals to the BOARD OF THE METROPOLITAN TRANSIT AUTHORITY:
· Position One – MR. GILBERT ANDREW GARCIA, for a term to expire 4/7/2012
· Position Two – MR. ALLEN DALE WATSON, for a term to expire 4/7/2012
· Position Three – THE HONORABLE DWIGHT E. JEFFERSON, for an unexpired term ending 5/1/2010
· Position Four – MS. CARRIN F. PATMAN, for a term to expire 4/7/2012
· Position Five – MR. CHRISTOF SPIELER, for a term to expire 4/7/2012
· – PASS

I was not nominated because I’m a blogger, but had I not blogged, I never would have been nominated. The web is a virtual community, but it also creates real communities. I met readers in personal, go to know them, and was lucky enough to be able to work with them. Their support got me named to the transition committee and then to the board. I thank you all. I’m grateful, humbled, and amazed. This is one testament – and there are many – to the power of the internet to organize and the willingness of Houston to embrace outsiders. I was an outside agitator; now I’m an insider. That’s pretty remarkable.

The decreasing volume of posts on Intermodality was already a testament to the fact that my energies were going elsewhere. I was still spending lots of time on transit, but I was serving on committees and working with neighborhoods rather than writing. Now, I expect, the trickle will stop altogether. I am now limited in what I can say – I can’t really write a “METRO should do this” blog post. I also have only so much free time. I may post now and then, but don’t count on it. But I’m not going to be hiding away, either: I’m staying involved, and my ctc email (cspieler@ctchouston.org) will still get to me.

Luckily, others are writing away more prolifically than I ever did. We need outside agitators to keep the discussion going, to raise new ideas, to reveal different perspectives, and to keep the insiders honest. That’s where change comes from. We are making decisions all the time that will shape Houston for decades, and we need every bit of input we can.

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