About Us
The Citizens’ Transportation Coalition supports a broad-based public educational and planning process to identify neighborhood aspirations and the best transportation options to achieve them. Formed in 2004, CTC is an all-volunteer grassroots organization. We are interested in transportation planning issues and opportunities across the 8-county Houston region.


     CTC envisions transportation solutions that improve quality of life.


     The mission of the Citizens’ Transportation Coalition is:
  • To serve as an advocate for broad-based public transportation, educational and planning processes;
  • To identify neighborhood transportation aspirations;
  • To influence the best transportation options to achieve those aspirations;
  • And to engage our communities in designing a complete multimodal transportation system that serves us all.

CTC 2017 Board Members:

Dexter Handy, Chair
Kelly Rector,Vice Chair
Carol Caul, Advocacy Chair
Ed Browne, Science and Technology Chair
Tom Gall
Tom Kornegay
Marci Perry, Vice Chair
Christina Walsh
Peter Rene
Steve Ashy

CTC alliances

Air Alliance | SierraClub Houston Tomorrow | Bike Houston | CNU Houston 


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