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Houston Election 2015 CTC Candidate Questionnaire Responses by Office

Citizens’ Transportation Coalition sent out our CTC 2015 Candidate Questionnaire on September 8, 2015, to the 85 candidates for 2015 elective city offices: Mayor Controller Council at Large Council by District. As the candidate’s written responses come in, we shall post them in order of Office Sought: the respective office they seek, Name and Date … Continue reading »

Comments on Proposed IDM Chapter 10: Street Paving Design Requirements – 2015

CTC’s thinks that important design standards having major impacts on neighborhoods and conflicting property rights interests are too important not to have the oversight of city council and be incorporated by reference into the city code. This is particularly true with the IDMs (PWE’s Infrastructure Design Manuals). Following is an EXCERPT of what we submitted to City of … Continue reading »

Stop Houston Flooding – Need Your Help NOW!

Overview – Chapter 9 of the City of Houston Infrastructure Design Manual, Stormwater Design Requirements, is up for comments. We have reviewed Chapter 9 and recommend that the following changes be made in order to prevent future flooding. Our central concern is the yearly rise in Base Flood Elevations and the increase in the size … Continue reading »