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Comments Re SH 288 Proposal for a Holcombe/Ardmore Flyover to the TMC

Here is the Conclusion CTC reached with regard to the tolled SH 288 direct connectors to Holcombe Street to The Medical Center (TMC).  CTC recommended “no build” as to this alternative route into The Medical Center (TMC). CTC thought there was a much better route, eg going up the south of 610, say on Kirby, that would create less congestion. The TxDOT flyover at Holcombe will CAUSE more congestion than it will mitigate. The public is universally opposed to this route. No route should be chosen that would interfere with Complete Streets principles. The project has to be integrated with the TMC Mobility Study. This is an example of TxDOT rejecting each of these points–Holcombe it is.

CTC’S CONCLUSION July 12, 2013:

While CTC generally supports the mobility gains of highway-to-highway direct connectors, we do not see a justifiable purpose and need for the tolled, $28 million Holcombe/Ardmore “288 to TMC” flyover that cannot be better served by alternate, more efficient means.

CTC recommends a “no build” alternative for a 288 Holcombe/Ardmore flyover to the TMC, at the very least until CoH presents its plans, findings, and funding mechanisms for the TMC Mobility Study. Further TxDOT must include in its EA or reevaluation thereof and public meetings traffic impact analyses and local mobility gains to justify the $28 million cost and congestion impacts and how the tolls could fund proposed mitigation of those impacts on local traffic. The TMC Mobility Study, street network analysis, transit and parking analyses, and other studies must control over any nonlocal TMC facility.


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