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Houston Election 2015 CTC Candidate Questionnaire Responses by Office

Citizens’ Transportation Coalition sent out our CTC 2015 Candidate Questionnaire on
September 8, 2015, to the 85 candidates for 2015 elective city offices:

  • Mayor
  • Controller
  • Council at Large
  • Council by District.

As the candidate’s written responses come in, we shall post them in order of

  1. Office Sought: the respective office they seek,
  2. Name and Date of Response: by name and date of receipt indicating the date we receive the response so you can see what is new since you last checked our website.

Click on Candidate’s Name to See Responses


Chris Bell (response: Sep 28, 2015)

Marty McVey (response: Sep 28, 2015)

City Controller

Chris Brown (response: Sep 23, 2015)

Carroll G Robinson (response: Sep 25, 2015)

Candidate At Large #1

Georgia D Provost (response: Sep 27, 2015)

Lane Lewis (response: Sep 29, 2015)

Tom McCasland (response: Oct 2, 2015)

Candidate At Large #2

Moe Rivera (response: Sep 17, 2015)

David Robinson (response: Oct 6, 2015)

Candidate At Large #3

Doug Peterson (response: Sep 25, 2015)

Candidate At Large #4

Amanda Edwards (response: Sep 23, 2015)

Candidate at Large #5

Sharon Moses (response: Sep 21, 2015)

Jack Christie (response: Sep 25, 2015)

District J

Manny Barrera – District J (response: Sep 30, 2015)

Individual questions and responses are under each major topic:

Topic A:  Complete Streets Policy

Topic B:  Traffic Congestion, Streets, Parking, Signalization, Mobility Studies

Topic C:  Competing Vehicular Passenger Cars-Jitneys, Ride Share, and Others

Topic E:  Multi-modal Transit Alternatives (Bus, HOV/HOT, Light Rail, Bikes, Ride Share, Jitney, Park &Ride, Walking)

Topic F:  Passenger Rail – High Speed Rail & Commuter Rail

Topic G:  Shipping – Freight Rail, Heavy Truck Traffic, Port Authority

Topic H:  Public Infrastructure Ordinances and Policy


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